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L.O.L. Surprise All-Star B.B.s Sports Series 1 Baseball Sparkly Dolls - Blue

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Get ready to play ball and unbox 8 surprises with L.O.L. Surprise! All Star B.B.s. These fan favourite characters got a sparkly makeover and joined a fierce baseball team, because they all come with all new uniforms and baseball-themed accessories. Collect both teams – the Heart Breakers and the Lucky Stars. Will you find a batter B.B. or a doll who loves to catch fly balls? Feed or bathe your doll for another water surprise. And each doll includes her own collectible trading card that doubles as a backdrop. The new ball has a slot to place the trading card behind your doll for a cute photo op. Collect all 12 sparkly, baseball characters on 2 teams, including the ultra-rare Beatnik Babe, who is the umpire for her B.B.s. 8 surprises: (1) Secret Message; (2) Trading Cards; (3) Bottle; (4-5) Accessories; (6) Fashion; (7) Shoes; (8) L.O.L. Surprise! All Star B.B.s doll. Styles may vary.

  • Contents: A L.O.L. Surprise All-Star B.B.s Sports Baseball Sparkly Doll Surprise
  • Unbox 8 surprises, including a fan favourite doll with a sparkly makeover and baseball accessories.
  • Collect both teams – the Heart Breakers and the Lucky Stars
  • Each doll includes all new fierce baseball uniforms and a baseball accessory like batter helmet, glove or bat
  • Feed or bathe your doll for a water surprise, including colour change
  • Colours and styles may vary
  • Dimensions: 9.53 x 9.53 x 9.53cm
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