Na! Na! Na! Surprise Teens Doll - Alaska Frost (Wolf)

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NEW SERIES 2 SOFT POSABLE 11" TEEN FASHION DOLL: Gorgeous, soft, 11" fashion doll Alaska Frost with long, icy blue hair, printed face and clothing details. NEW PACKAGING: Now featured in a window box to show off all the quality details, it will be easier than ever to collect! FANCY & CUTE: Each Teens fashion doll has style inspired by her favorite animal. Alaska Frost's look is inspired by a wolf. She has a grey fluffy hat and snow boots. Excellent gift for a snowboarding, skiing or snow trip, birthday, good grade gift, travel gift, Christmas and any special occasion. MEET ALASKA FROST: Alaska Frost loves a good snowday! She also has a tag with her name, birthday and a little about her. COLLECT THEM ALL: Collect all 5 beautiful soft Teens fashion dolls. These dolls are made of very soft plush, are carefully crafted, and will last for years. Bound to be loved and thoroughly enjoyed for a long time to come.