Na! Na! Na! Surprise 3-in-1 Backpack Bedroom Black Kitty Playset with Limited Edition Doll

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MEET TUESDAY MEOW! One of the prettiest girls in Na Na Na Surprise dolls sets, Tuesday Meow stands out with her long, gorgeous hair and her personal favorite cute fuzzy kitty hat. She wears exclusive clothes on this set. CUTEST, FUZZIEST BACKPACK EVER! Backpacks have never been this adorable. Complete with doll accessories, this fuzzy backpack looks like a black kitty. Easy on-the-go playtime anywhere. GOES WITH EVERYTHING! With easy zip, convert your bag into a playset room matching Tuesday Meow's kitty themed style. Maximize the mini hangers with clips for her extra clothing on her black closet. This also has working accessory drawers. BRING OUT THE PAJAMAS! When playtime is over, you may drop down the murphy bed that dolls love. Fill it up with her favorite sleeping accessories such as personal soft doll pillows and a sleeping blanket for the best quality beauty doll sleep. SURELY YOU'LL LOVE THIS DOLL! Keep your little girl pretty as she wakes up and greets the sunshine. Her bedroom is complete with her full length kitty mirror. She can also brush her purple hair with an inclusive hairbrush. Her apparel includes shoes.