LOL Surprise! OMG Fashion Doll 24K DJ

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UNBOX 20 SURPRISES with LOL Surprise OMG fashion doll, 24K D.J. She has stunning features, styled hair and she's articulated for tons of poses! MEET DOWNTOWN B.B. 24K D.J. is the big sister to fan favorite LOL Surprise character, D.J. She's all about those mad beats that will make U dance. FIERCE FASHIONS: Dress 24K D.J. in her fierce fashions and fabulous accessories. Pro Tip: Hands are removable for easy dressing. PACKAGE BECOMES PLAYSET: Package becomes reusable closet & dressing room playset for 24K D.J. to strut her stuff. INCLUDES: re-released, fan favorite fashion doll, fashions, shoes, shoebox, accessories, hat box, purse, hair brush, garment bags, doll stand and reusable package playset.