LOL Surprise! Hairgoals Series 2 Doll with Real Hair and 15 Surprises

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SURPRISE DOLL WITH REAL HAIR: LOL Surprise #Hairgoals Series 2 features 15 surprises including a surprise doll with gorgeous real hair in a fabulous style.
CUTE COLLECTIBLE CHARACTERS: Inside, find one of 9 all new characters in Series 2, each with their own fierce style that shows off their personality!
COLOR CHANGE SURPRISE: Each doll has a color change surprise. Dip your doll in water (make sure not to get their hair wet) to reveal a color change.
HAIR PLAY: Includes comb and hair accessories to style and accessorize your doll's hair.
PLAYSET & DISPLAY: Doll comes in a hairspray can that doubles as a salon playset and display case.
WHAT'S INSIDE: Includes 15 Surprises: (1) Paper Mirror Accessory, (2) Secret Message, (3) Sticker Sheet, (4) Salon Chair, (5) Comb, (6) Bottle, (7-12) Accessories, (13) Fashion, (14) Shoes, (15) L.O.L. Surprise! #Hairgoals doll with real hair
COLLECT THEM ALL: Collect all 9 characters.

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