L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. Remix Super Surprise – 70+ Surprises, 4 Fashion Dolls & 4 Dolls

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UNBOX 2 ROCK BANDS with L.O.L. Surprise. O.M.G. Remix Super Surprise – The Opening Act and The Super Sonix.
70+ SURPRISES: Unbox 70+ surprises in a totally new unboxing experience. Follow the numbers to unbox the boom box packaging in the ultimate unboxing experience.
4 FASHION DOLLS: Includes 4 L.O.L. Surprise. O.M.G. fashion dolls with stunning features, gorgeous, styled hair and outrageous, rock star style. They're the big sisters to fan favorite L.O.L. Surprise. characters.
4 DOLLS: Includes 4 L.O.L. Surprise. dolls, fan favorite characters and the sisters to the fashion dolls, each with all new rock band accessories.
4 ROCK INSTRUMENTS THAT PLAY MUSIC: Each fashion doll includes her own rock instrument, and each instrument plays 6 different sounds. Play instruments together to create your own rockin' remix.